Immigration to NY: English/British (D)

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Immigration to New York in the English/British Colonial Period 

By Anne Sibert Buiter, Professor of Economics, Birkbeck, University of London, and author of Tracing Immigrants through the Port of New York: Early National Period to 1924

36 pages, published May 2021. 

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Professor Buiter goes in-depth on immigration and related records for English and British colonial New York. A brief historical background precedes details on immigration and emigration records and some additional records that may contain immigration information. Also covered are British and colonial naturalization procedures, the naturalization records, and how to find them. Researched while writing her book, Tracing Immigrants through the Port on New York: Early National Period to 1924, Professor Buiter provides examples throughout. Also by Professor Buiter, New York Under the Dutch: Focus on Migration and Immigration

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