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Tracing Immigrant Ancestors to NY, 1780s to 1924: Part A—The Records [NY Family History School]
02/15/2023 - 04/15/2023


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Millions of immigrants arrived at the Port of New York, many taking their pathway through Castle Garden or Ellis Island. Beginning with a historical overview of immigration to New York, this online, on-demand course outlines essential records and strategies for tracing families who immigrated to the United States through New York.

This course in its entirety is available to watch on demand from February 15–April 15, 2023.

Online Sessions (On demand):

1. Immigration to New York, 1780-1924: A Historical Overview

Session Objectives: identify important moments in the history of immigration to the United States between the 1780s and 1924; discuss the role of the Port of New York in immigration to the United States; explore the origins and trends of immigration to the United States between the 1780s and 1924.

2. Immigration Clues in Everyday Records: Census, Passports, Landing Reports, Vital Records, and More

Session Objectives: understand the process of finding clues to an individual’s or family’s immigration; explore fundamental genealogical records that provide clues to an ancestor’s immigration; learn to identify patterns and nuances in records that provide information on an individual’s or family’s immigration.

3. Diving into Customs Records and Passenger Lists

Session Objectives: understand what customs and passenger records exist; learn how to locate and search customs and passenger lists; discover techniques when using customs and passenger lists.

4. Naturalization Records: New York and Beyond

Session Objectives: understand the timeline of naturalization laws in the United States between 1780 and 1924; learn what naturalization records exist; learn how to locate and search naturalization records.

5. Foreign Passenger Records and Telling the Immigrant Story

Session Objectives: discover what foreign passenger lists exist and how to access and search them; explore ways to tell the immigrant story of your ancestor.

Live Online Q&A Sessions:
• Wednesday, March 15th (6-7 PM)
• Tuesday, April 4th (6-7 PM)

All sessions led by D. Joshua Taylor, NYG&B President

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